Notices 4 April 2021


Notices for Week Commencing 4th April 2021

Easter Sunday

He has risen! Mark 16 v 6


Prayer Requests – Please pray for Christians throughout the world who are unable to share in the joy of Easter.

Please pray for our empty Church Buildings and for our Circuit Ministers Rev Joe Adams, Rev Ken Chalmers and Rev Alan Jenkins.

Continue to pray for all others who are in any way troubled, lonely, unwell or bereaved and anyone else who needs our prayers.


Easter Sunday Services – as well as the services on YouTube and FaceBook the Circuit also have two Zoom services. One at 2:15pm and one at 6:15pm. If you are interested in joining either or both of these services please contact Christine at christine.beesley so that I can send you the link.

If you go past our Church Building you will notice we have workmen there. The interior is being redecorated and we are having the carpet cleaned so that it will be all fresh and lovely for when we meet again.

If you need prayer or help in any way please contact your pastoral visitor or you can call Rev Joe Adams on 331413 or Alan Beesley on 766604.


God stood upon the mountain top beckoning to me.
I turned my face away from Him pretending not to see.

He called my name out in a voice as soft as summer’s breeze.
But sadly my soul heard Him not and my heart began to freeze.

Then when He made the mountains shake and when the oceans rose
I went down into the place where hate and anger grows.

And so He sent His son for me, His one and only child,
That I might be forgiven and my soul be reconciled.

But when He spoke upon the mount I had better things to do.
And I did not scatter palm leaves when I saw Him riding through.

Then I watched as they nailed Him to a cross made of wood.
Whilst His tortured body died silently I stood.

And when the sky darkened and the storm began to rise
I ran away and hid with my contempt and my lies.

Yet on the third day, when the sun did once more shine,
There, before me, stood Jesus. His countenance divine.

I begged of Him forgiveness and He helped me to stand.
Then led me to the mountain top where God took my hand.

© Christine Beesley

He Has Risen Indeed!