Your Church



I write to you as the Senior Steward of our church. Christine and I have been attending this church for around 25 years. In that time we have seen our congregation diminish from an average attendance of over 50 to the mid-teens. Some of this is due to people dying or moving or unable to come on a regular basis because of age or infirmity but we have not seen much in the way of new members. We know, of course, that this problem is not restricted to just Lexden. The same is happening across the circuit. Church numbers at nearly all the Methodist churches has fallen away over the past few years and it has been exasperated by Covid 19. In the past few years we have seen a number of our churches close. Boxted, Fingringhoe, Eight Ash Green, Marks Tey and West Bergholt. At the current time we only have 7 fully functioning churches in the circuit.

This is disappointing to say the least. The problem we have, however is that whatever the size of the congregation there are still the same number of jobs to be done and over the last few years the number of people able and willing to take on these jobs has declined dramatically so more and more is falling on fewer and fewer people. We have reached a crisis point.

Without the help of Geoff and Viv we would not have been able to carry on opening our church weekly for Sunday services. I am now often not here as I have a number of preaching appointments and as we no longer have an organist it means that Christine has to operate the music box whilst Geoff looks after the sound system. If our church is to remain open every Sunday then there is an urgent need to recruit both new members and volunteers to take on weekly church duties.

The Annual Church Meeting is on Thursday 24th March at 2:15pm and an item on the agenda is whether we stay open or reduce the number of services we have to one or two a month. It is my opinion that if we cut the number of services then it will not be long before we close altogether.

The choice is yours but if we close there will be no Methodist meeting place in the whole of West Colchester and once closed it is unlikely ever to be resurrected. This would also mean that the tea club will close and the Thursday prayer time would cease.

Please do all you can to attend the church meeting and let your voice be heard. It is your church and your decision.

Alan Beesley