Notices 30 May 2021


Notices for Week Commencing 30th May 2021

“Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I; send me!” Isaiah 6 v 8


Prayer Requests – Please pray for our congregations as we gradually open up our church buildings.

Please pray for our Circuit Ministers Rev Joe Adams, Rev Ken Chalmers and Rev Alan Jenkins.

Continue to pray for all others who are in any way troubled, lonely, unwell or bereaved and anyone else who needs our prayers.


Church Reopening – we will be open for services again on Sunday 27th June at 10:30am – please note the earlier start time – the half hour service will be led by Alan Beesley. To comply with Covid regulations and data protection everyone attending must complete a form so that we can maintain a record for track and trace. These will be supplied next week or as soon as possible after that. We will not be allowed to sing or offer tea and biscuits. We would request the toilet is used in an emergency only because it will have to be thoroughly cleaned after each use. We also plan to start the Thursday morning prayer time on 1st July. We do not have a start date for the Friendly Tea Club at the moment but will provide an update in the newsletter next month.

If you need prayer or help in any way please contact your pastoral visitor or you can call Alan Beesley on 766604. Please do not call Rev Joe Adams while he is off sick.

Broken Angel

The angel fell upon the ground,
A bruised and bloodied thing.
With a tear streaked, battered face
And a torn and broken wing.

Dear Lord, this was not the sight
I thought that I would see
When I asked you for an angel.
An angel just for me.

My heart, you knew, was broken
And bleeding inside of me.
My spirit tossed and tattered
Like a ship on stormy sea.

What good to me an angel, Lord,
That is more bruised than me.
It is not fair, how can I cope,
Dear Lord, what cruelty.

Oh dearest Lord, why do you test
My loyalty in this way.
Why do you send me broken things
And every waif and stray.

My spirit, Lord, is weary
And my strength has gone away.
How could you, a benevolent God,
Treat me in this way.

Oh God, oh God, oh God above,
An angel tattered and torn!
The angel that you sent me, Lord,
Is weeping and forlorn.

I did not think it possible
But my heart is breaking more.
How bitterly I am grieving
For this angel on the floor.

Oh broken angel, let me see
What I can do for you,
Perhaps by mending, healing you
I can be mended too.

Christine Beesley 2021